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Next we present you in detail our service’s features:

Personalized tutorials

Personalized tutorials are individual or group meetings to speak about and discuss about any kind of text in any of the phases of the writing process. This service is not addressed to correct, fix or evaluate academic texts. On the contrary, the tutorials aim is helping the users to develop their own writing strategies, their knowledge about the topic and the writing genre, based on dialogue and joint revision of the text.

The tutorial meetings last 45 minutes and can be face-to-face or virtual.

Before the meeting, the user must send the text that is working (draft, guide notes, etc.) and a document where specifies his/her doubts, aims, problems, etc. (contact form) to let the tutor prepare the meeting, whose focus is determined by the user.

Writing training

We offer workshop and seminaries about different topics and aspects of the academic writing. Activities based on an active participation, teamwork and critical reflection methodology, about the writing contents and practices. 

The focus and length varies depending on the needs of each group.

The trainings can be solicited through the contact form, in which must be specified the number of interested people and the matter demanded, or the problems or aims that want to be addressed with the training.

Next we present you some of previous trainings that we’ve carried out, as a research group:

  • Writing first research article (doctoral students workshop)

  • Reading and writing to learn; learning to read and write in different discursive communities (teachers workshop)

  • Writer identity and profile: how impact on the texts we write? (doctoral students workshop)

  • Doctoral writing: a collaborative learning task (doctoral students workshop)

  • Learning to review the final grade project with the support of face-to-face meetings (final grade students workshop)

  • Scientific, academic and professional community canons (master students workshop)

Teaching counselling

Specific service to teachers, addressed to counsel in aspects related to academic writing:

  • Disciplinary writing teaching

  • Teaching guide design

  • Authentic writing activities design that encourage the critical construction of new knowledge

  • Feedback process (about writing process)

  • Other

We also offer support to teachers in relation to article’s writing and other academic texts trough the tutorial services, and academic writing workshops.

The interested teachers can fill out the contact form, specifying the discipline and subject they teach, and the educative level of their students, as well as other considerations they consider convenient.

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