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Writing Manual

The content of this manual refers to these aspects and resources that must be known and used to write a complex academic text like a research project. Consists of three sections clearly distinguished: the first one refers to the information organization; the second analyses when and how the autor must make himself/herself visible, and which resources can be used to make explicit her/his own position and, finally, on third section are set out some resources to involve the readers and give a correct us to the cites, great beyond the formal aspects. Developed by: Montserrat Castelló; Gerardo Bañales; Anna Iñesta i Norma Vega, Facultat de Psicologia, Ciències de l’Educació i de l’Esport. Blanquerna. Universitat Ramon Lllull. Barcelona.

International Writing Centers Association

News and essential resources about Writing Centers.

National Writing Project : 30 ideas for teaching writing

30 successful strategies to writing teaching, provided by Writing Project experienced teachers.

The Writing Center Journal

An indispensable publication to know the theoretical and empirical research about writing center practices. In addition, it offers books reviews, interesting advertisements, and opinion letters related to writing centers.

The Writing Across Curriculum Clearinghouse

The WAC Center, in collaboration with the international writing network through the curriculum, publishes magazines, books and other resources to those teachers who use writing on their courses. Tries to offer useful resources and reads to the introduction of writing in curriculum, as well as giving support and promote exchanging ideas between the academics.

European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing

The European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing website join professionals interested on teaching, research, and academic writing development in European higher education.

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Collaborative revision guide

When we comment a colleague’s text it’s important to make suggestions that specifies not only what should be changed, but above all, which is the problem or imbalance that we identify on the text, and why we consider that our proposal is a good solution. Some indications can let that our suggestions be more effective; that is, precisely, the aim of this guide. Developed by: Montserrat Castelló.  

Journal of Academic Writing

International journal, reviewed by experts, focused on teaching, tutorials, research, administration and development of academic writing in European higher education. Is published by European Assotiation for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW).         

MIT Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies

On this website are available videos about writing collaborative revision, and useful resources for disciplinary writing.

Learning Center of University New South Wales (Australia)

The Learning Center offers interesting resources about disciplinary writing in engineering and chemistry.

Writing Reports in Science and Engineering

This program, promoted by Australian universities, offers some interesting and useful resources about disciplinary writing in sciences and engineering.


Database where some free writing publications are gathered. The Sig-Writing is part of the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction (EARLI).

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The resources offered here are documents available online and links to websites that provide support to writing process and complement tutorial and formation activities. Include support resources to any process phase, to the complementing activities (bibliographic search, results presentation, graphics creation, etc.), and for the different educative levels, discursive genres and kind of task.

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